M0NA Artist Spotlight #1 Nekro

Artist: Nekro
Country: Spain
Super Rare

The Artist

Below you will find one his commissioned pieces, a licensed Witcher 3 piece called “Linked By Destiny” made for Cook and Becker.

Linked By Destiny by Nekro (200 limited edition)

Another commissioned piece was also made for the fine art dealership, Cook and Becker. This was one was based on the video game Dark Souls (also licensed) and is called “Artorias of the Abyss”.

Artorias of the Abyss by Nekro (200 limited edition)

The Work

Sphinx Rider deconstructed
Fine details on Sphinx Rider

The details on all his pieces are borderline scary!

Secondly the theme behind all his pieces on the surface is fantasy mixed with darkness and possibly death but it goes deeper than that. You can feel the “unholy” vibe emitting from his pieces. His pieces remind me of a “dark” religion or cult in a fantasy world or universe. Statues and sculptures that could easily be found in chapels or “unholy” grounds.

Gorgon 2
Rara Avis

Thirdly he is trying to express destruction through creation, hidden in the fine details. This can be observed in his NFT genesis piece covered below.

NFT Debut

The genesis piece “The Alchemist” on Super Rare
Fun fact, this piece is made out of 700 individual pieces.

Nekro has dropped his second ever NFT on Super Rare as well called “Piety” which has already generated some traction, with the highest bid at 4 ETH (at the time of writing this post). Another masterpiece in my opinion.

The second ever NFT “Piety” on Super Rare
How Nekro “sees” this piece


P.S. his physical art game is on point:

Cryptocurrency investor and NFT hoarder/curator.

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